The night heavenly splits the day and the garden awakens. Sounds and melodies are speaking through the air, familiar and strange. The light is rotating. As we drift through tonal plants and fields, the visions become clearer.

Sascha Kregel is a soundartist who uses drawings as random generators for tonal ghost grids and scales. The sounds produced are ranging from a-rhythmic minimal key patterns to resonance fields and noise.
Followed up by Saeko Killy who´s enchanted music includes contemporary leftfield club sounds in combination with elements of dub and kraut - the perfect ingredients for a creamy greeny.
Then, dipped into mist, Heninspace enters the garden: With his love for plants, sounds and machine immersion. Aurally his machine collar is a tubby, spheric slow jam journey with nostalgic detuned pop toppings.
The birds are chirping but simultaneously attentively listening to the sound of Perma Couture´s photosynthesis. The leaves are breathing and slowly turning greener. In transition we walk by Wosto´s vegetable patch, this time without a hatchet but instead, with some teerpappe in our luggage.
After all the sky is turning celestial, Metaa is waking up and is vigorously blending everything again. Stir it up! Spring is coming, so come early and stay late!

Entry: 20:00

Sascha Kregel

Live Concerts
Saeko Killy


Perma Couture


b2b junus

Die Veranstaltung ist gefördert durch die Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Bezirksamt Hamburg-Nord.