A Monday evening of rattling, rumbling electronics, soft torch acoustics and fragmented vinyl entertainment from the Japanese DIY underground. Curated in collaboration with Fleurop.

20:00 DJ Kohlrabi
20:30 Tadashi Yonago (Live)
21:30 Turtle Yama (Live)
22:30 DJ Kohlrabi

Turtle Yama, Photo: Fabian Hammerl @ BEEK

Turtle Yama (JP) formed in 2015 by Nahoko Kamei and KOPY (known for her rattling releases on Düsseldorf's TAL imprint). Their synthesizers, samplers and drum machines act like on-board computers gone haywire: They navigate us through a bright, shaky cloud and after waking up from broken dreams, it feels like they have re-patched our troubled minds.

Tadashi Yonago (JP) plays trumpet and self-built sonic generators. When he is not operating in groups with obscure names such as SjQ and SjQ++ he gives workshops, runs the DIY Space PORT (in Osaka) and installs self-made vending machines in urban space.

DJ Kohlarabi (JP/DE) A.K.A. Mo Chan A.K.A. Aiko Okamoto cruises between fun and depression, construction and ruination, following her instinct for trueness. As a member of female:pressure she has worked on Perspectives Festival and Berlin's monthly MEETUP, stepping over boundaries of the arts: DJ Kohlrabi is an artist, radio producer, DJ, artist, organizer – a MULTITALENT in it’s truest form!

Tadashi Yonago, Photo: Fabian Hammerl @ BEEK

Marschnerstraße 21
22081 Hamburg

Supported by Verband für aktuelle Musik Hamburg.