BEEK leans into strong acoustics and machines mimicking, represented by two live acts. Accompanied by DJs jumping through the decades of wet spring rising sounds.

21:00 DOORS
21:30 babysel1001
22:30 Sunfear (live)
23:30 Tochter aus E (live)
00:30 babysel1001
01:30 Snakedance
03:30 Sein Of Nie

Photo: Tochter aus E

babysel1001 (DJ) @babysel1001
babysel1001 is a DJ and artist currently based in Dresden. Her sets are musically diverse and contain different types of electronic music such as breakbeat or jungle woven together with organic grooves, soundtracks or hip hop - a potluck gathering of sound. She is the originator of the quote: “I hate DJing”. So it will definitely be fun.

Tochter aus E (Live) @tilmensch00
is a one-person synth-pop band that combines punk, electronic and kitsch tendencies. The band loves cover versions and experiments. Whether it’s the use of church organs, sequencer basses or the beauty of the spoken word, the sound of squeaky chalk on a blackboard should not be missing. Tochter aus E has released an EP on the label “copyshop” in 2020 and recently self-released some of his latest works.

Sunfear (Live) VI @_sunfear
come back of six strings defining a echoing sentiment. Half longing and adrift concentration Eylüls voice appear through the distance. Anxious encounters, minimalism in repetitive time sculptures, feedbacks and and glitches weave a tapestry of mystique .Currently living in Hamburg Eylül Deniz formed several sonic outputs back in Istanbul.

Snakedance (DJ) @snakedance44
Snakedance, born and raised in Dresden, has been a lively oddball in the Hamburg scene for some time now. He is co-running the beloved HALLO: Radio where he is also hosting the show ZEPTER exploring a wide range of musical facets, always a bit hypnotic, murky and often quirky. Being mostly an occasional bar DJ lately, this time will be a rare display of music of the heavier dubby kind, spinning with the histories of reverb.

Marschnerstraße 21
22081 Hamburg